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Ahmed Gharbaoui Is a sought-After And Highly-Qualified Professionals in boosting up to 60 % more revenue by Quick Monetization of your installed base Within Weeks even during economic downturnHis Proven 3-Pillar-Aftermarket-Growth System is specifically designed for industrial B2B OEM’s within Energy, Utilities, Industrial Manufacturing and Fluid Transfer segments.

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Industrial Companies that understand their customer base, adequately prioritize aftermarket sales, and relentlessly focus on execution can Boost Their Services Revenue By 30 To 60 % Within Three to five years. […] And it can be quickly monetized, within just weeks in some cases.

- McKinsey, January 2019

Is Aftermarket Sales Really That Effective?

So is McKinsey actually right when they say “Prioritizing Aftermarket Sales” is the way to boost Revenue by 30 – 60%?

237+ aftermarket sales scenarios from my clients yell: SPOT-ON YES!

But maybe you are asking yourself: “Can my business really boost my revenue by 30 – 60 % by simply focusing on aftermarket sales? Does this even apply to my situation?”

Sure, let me explain …

Key-Element In Boosting Revenue

I assume you already have a customer-base that is proud about your products & services and they recommend your company and you also get quite a few inquiries by doing that.

But somehow, the COVID-19 pandemic enters the market and disrupts the whole system. Precisely, your Sales-System.

Now, the best question you can ask yourself is: “How can I benefit even more from my existing customers during times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic?”

The Simple Answer: With A Proven Aftermarket-Sales-System.

Manufacturers can gain a stable stream of revenue by providing services for their Installed Base

- The Value and Management Practices of Installed Base. Jukka Borgman, Aalto University. Finland.

The Simple Secret: Focus On Your installed base

The installed base is a Living Creature. If you don’t take care of it, it will BITE you!

The Biggest Mistake you can do is NOT to take care of your installed based, ESPECIALLY if you fail at these three simple tasks:

  1. Failing To Keep Your Installed Base Alive
  2. Failing To Segment Your Installed Base Accordingly
  3. Failing To Effectively Extract Value Out Of Your Installed Base

Missing out on these three vital aftermarket Sales-Growth-Drivers will NOT get you the results that you are looking for. If you can relate to any of the above statements, then you most likely will have to seriously consider to Prioritize Aftermarket Sales TODAY!

But Look, … this is NOT Your Fault

You Are Not Alone ...

As a business owner your primary focus is to Deliver Your Promise to your customer AND simultaneously Work On Your Business.

I Completely Understand You.

You are looking for a Proven Way To Boost serious revenue without Wasting Your Precious Time and hard-earned cash.

What you are looking for is a senior Professional that understands the ups-and-downs of OEM’s, uses a Proven-Aftermarket-Sales-System to boost serious revenue and most importantly, doesn’t waste your precious-time or money.

Somebody who can especially help you in:

  1. Identifying Potential Business Out Of Your Installed Base
  2. Prioritizing Impactful Actions And Revenue Gains
  3. Developing A Long-Term Strategy For Sustainable Installed Base Management

This is not a Sales Call. It is a conversation to explore if we are good fit to collaborate for Aftermarket Growth!

What Do Others Say?

"Ahmed Gharbaoui is one of the best in his field, pragmatic and realistic in his work he has the particular capacity to turn a problem into an opportunity, we have worked together for many years , he has always been result oriented , patient and passionated."
“Ahmed is hardworking and detailed oriented individual. While working for the triple certification at Atlas Copco, he contributed positively both individually and as a team member with impeccable dedication. He was totally committed to meet the project deadlines. Whatever it is he's requesting my recommendation for I have no doubt he'll do it justice with miles to spare and a smile on his face.“
“I got to know Ahmed when working on a project with him in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I learned about the complexity of the business environment, including the challenging business behaviour. It requires people skills & change management capabilities to manage a group of people. Using this, Ahmed managed to lead his team towards continuous growth. Working together with Ahmed was very interesting, as he showed clear strenghts in project execution.“

This is not a Sales Call. It is a conversation to explore if we are good fit to collaborate for Aftermarket Growth!

Now maybe you are asking yourself ...

“But Ahmed, Why Should We Consider You and not somebody else to take care of our aftermarket-sales systems? What kind of Proven System do you use, to help industrial B2B OEM’s like me to Boost 30 – 60 % More Revenue Within 3 To 5 Years?”

Sure, I get you. Read on …

3-Pillar-Aftersales-Growth System Revealed

I'm revealing You My Proven 3-Pillar-Aftersales-Growth System

Pillar 1 is all about to Internally Stop Losing Money & Improving Aftersales Service Operational Excellence

The core objective ist to promptly achieve Profitability and increase at the same time order booking levels. This is simply done by identifying and setting an effective action plan to improve sales conversion, service jobs execution and optimise profit rate from deal closing to invoicing.

  • Identify & Set Redo Jobs Improvement Performance
  • Target Industry Operational Excellence Benchmark
  • Recommend Improvement KPIs

Pillar 2 is all about Boosting Profits And Increasing Sales Efficiency As A Key-Element To Boost External Growth.

The quantity and the quality of dedicated resources in selling Aftersales products is extremely crucial. On the other hand, “it’s cheaper for businesses to increase sales of parts and service-related products than to find new customers” – HBR Winning in the Aftermarket, May 2006. In this regard we focus in these phase on these three sales-boosting aspects:

  • Assess the Aftersales Resources Versus Total Headcounts.
  • Recommend Aftersales Organizational Change.
  • Coach For Change From Product Driven Sales To Service Sales By Using Data.

Pillar 3 is all about Accompanying Your Transformation Journey From Product-Centric To A Service-Centric Business Model. 

It is about Evaluating And Spotting priority opportunities for data monetization. Most of the times these are whether overlooked or having the impression that it is too complex to succeed, but this is actually the driver for long-term growth and profits. We focus here on these 3 steps:

  • Manage the lifecycle of connected Installed Base and Services.
  • Deliver and monetize new IoT based digital offerings.
  • Assess, Suggest and Accompany on the Organizational Change.

Digitalization partners

Servitly is the provider of a Cloud-based, ready-to-use Digital Product-Service System to Generate New Revenues and transform products into services (equipment-as-a-service). 

ATTENTION: The Aftersales-Growth-Triangle Is Not For Everybody ...

 Now, Let Me Be Frank… As good as this may sound, this system is however NOT designed for everybody… I repeat, the Aftersales-Growth-Triangle is not for all OEM’s. This System Only Works For Industrial Goods Manufacturers looking for Cash Oxygen promptly and want to set the foundations for Sustainable Growth beyond mere survival.

If this speaks to you, Then We Should Talk! NOW!

This is not a Sales Call. It is a conversation to explore if we are good fit to collaborate for Aftermarket Growth!

How To Work With Me?

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Discovery Call

In our first call, we will find out what hidden potential your company has in aftermarket sales and how we can collaborate together.

Strategy Call

In the strategy call, you will learn how to correctly place a reliable aftermarket-sales-system in your business to receive more inquiries from existing customers AND to boost more growth and profits in the upcoming years.

This is not a Sales Call. It is a conversation to explore if we are good fit to collaborate for Aftermarket Growth!

If You Read This Far, then you might not have realized yet, but You Have Already Decided to take some action to boost revenue in your business, BUT you are just looking for one more reason to rationalize your decision. … Please, by all means, don’t decide just yet! I completely understand you …

Instead, I offer you to have short call to clarify your questions, to get more insightful information and support you to take a good & educational decision for you and your business. I look forward to our call!

Yours Sincerely,
Ahmed Gharbaoui

Ahmed GHARBAOUI is a Global Subject Matter Expert in Growing Industrial OEM’s business by Aftersales. 

Over the past two decades, he has led multiple industrial Manufacturing B2B Aftersales service organizations towards swift and sustainable profitable growth even during downturns, by targeting Operational Excellence, Sales Efficiency and Recurring revenue using data.

Besides ExxonMobil Lubricant business development, Ahmed has a rich experience across Europe, Africa and Middle East with Fortune 500 OEMs such as Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, SPX Flow, and Cummins.

He is an Electromechanical Engineer who holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Wales and an Executive Master in Business Transformation Leadership from ESCP Europe Business School – Paris.

Ahmed Gharbaoui

Industrial B2B Aftersales-Growth & Digitalization Expert​

This is not a Sales Call. It is a conversation to explore if we are good fit to collaborate for Aftermarket Growth!


Most frequent questions and answers

Look, I’m a fair man.

I believe that every business situation is different and iconic. There are different team-sets, different development stages and different goals to accomplish.

So instead of simply setting a generic price tag to my services, what I do instead is, I create together with you a mutually-agreed package consisting out of a combination of a fix payment, revenue sharing, equity share or also a success fee commission with a tailored payment model that is fair to your business.

It’s actually simple: I charge in a way that is fair to your business and feels right for all parties involved

Great question!

In fact, my 3-Pillar-Aftersales-Growth System works extremely well for German markets, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak where most German industrial B2B OEM’s looking for different ways to break-through plateaus and boost more revenue and profits.

In Short: A Surefire YES!

Well, besides my credentials I have already outlined on my website, I understand that today many other consultants and so called proclaimed “Experts” buy credentials or even fake credentials to prove that they are good at what they do.

I totally agree with you.

I therefore made sure that my credentials are true.

You can simply check my LinkedIn Profile.

Besides the fact, that you can find more credentials on my profile, you also should know, that those are created by real people I worked with together.

These credentials also need to be approved from both sides to be published on my LinkedIn Profile.

Simply: If you need more evidence on my services or if you have any questions, then simply book a call with me and I’ll be very happy to serve you as good as I can.

That is a very good question!

As I mentioned before, my way of working is not designed for all kinds of OEM’s.

I only work with industrial B2B OEM’s that are ready to do some serious re-engineering, to get their business back on track, WHO are looking for cash oxygen promptly AND want to set the foundations for sustainable growth beyond mere survival.

In Short: Industrial B2B OEM’s That Want To Boost 30-60% More Revenue Within 3-5 Years.

I value Ethics.

Because only then true long-term lasting relationships can be created.

I believe that transparency with my customers and partners, whilst delivering on my promise builds real trust.

My goal is NOT to make you dependent on me and my services. It is quite the opposite.

I love to encourage businesses operate independently, because my goal is to transform as many good industrial B2B OEM’s as I can into great organizations.